Welcome to the Hip Hop Kaslam website!

Welcome to the new Hip Hop Kaslam website

Celebrating African vernac and amplifying the voice of ghetto youth

UPCOMING EVENT: 3rd Annual Spaza Awards
Details to follow soon - watch this space!

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Welcome to your space where you will explore the vernacular art form in all its shapes and shades. We decided to revamp our website to enable all the soldiers of this movement – yes, we are ALL soldiers – to play and discover, meet and share, debate and contribute to the upliftment of kasi youth through hip hop.

Because we’ve just launched the new website we decided to give you a warm welcome and a tour of where to find what:

Get the latest Spaza news on the home page by clicking on anyone of our 3 featured articles. The overview of 2013 is an overview of 2013 and its events and achievements, plus a glimpse into our project plans for the year ahead, 2014.

Our second article will be a monthly feature called Soldier of the Month, which includes an intimate look into the life of a featured artist, the work they have done and upcoming projects. This month we talk to Claude “Lolli” Dekeni about his journey in the hip hop world from Nyanga to Gauteng, and his most recent achievement: winning the Best Spaza Performer Award this year.

Applications are open for iimbhono Zethu, the next Hip Hop Kaslam show at the Baxter on 1 March 2014. If you're a visionary vernacular artist, rapper, poet or singer and you are interested in being part of this exciting project then this is your opportunity. Click here for details.

At the bottom of the home page you’ll find recent videos from each of our projects: The Hip Hop Kaslam Themed Showcases, the Annual Tour to the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown, the Annual Spaza Awards and our newest project the SADC Tour and Cultural Exchange.

You can also contribute an article about a topic of your choice, something that’s affecting the hip hop community. For more info on submitting an article send an email to Sima, sima@hiphopkaslam.com.

The About us section contains a brief History of Spaza music, the purpose behind the Hip Hop Kaslam movement (how it all started), our mission, vision, projects, sponsors, partners and profiles of the Management Team: General Dat, Colonel Lady P, Lieutenant Sisanda and Captain Sima.

The Voices is the page where the Hip Hop Kaslam All Stars, aka the Citizen Forces of the HHK Army, can be heard. This includes the likes of Sugah, Ndlulamthi, Jargon, Undecided Crew, Buli, Uzwi Kantu, Sound Fusion, etc. Here you will find their biographies, pictures, links, music and videos.

Our Gallery contains photos of all projects / events. Videos of each event will be included as well as television broadcasts, documentaries and other videos shot by organisations that support Hip Hop Kaslam.

Finally on the Contact Us page you can send us a direct message. As this is our launch we’d like to hear from you – what do you think of the new website?

Connect with us on our social network on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube: links can be found on the top right of each page.

We close of by quoting General Dat: “Sisemfazweni apha emhlabeni, from ek’seni until ekuseni!”

Over and out!
Colonel Lady P

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